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By John G. Webster (Editor)

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Direct recording of EDP-EDV relationship in isolated rat left ventricle: Effect of diastolic crossbridge formation, Cardiovasc. , 28: 715–719, 1994. 41. H. Ito, et al. Left ventricular volumetric conductance catheter for rats, Am. J. , 270: H1509–H1514, 1996. 9 42. J. Vogel Measurement of diac output in small laboratory animals using recordings of blood conductivity, Am. J. , 273: H2520–H2527, 1997. 43. P. L. M. Kerkhof Combination of Millar and conductance catheter for the estimation of left ventricular function in the equine heart, Proc.

In selecting the source model for MCG, it is logical, at least initially, to select the magnetic source model on the same theoretical level with the ECG. Only in this way is it possible to compare the diagnostic performance of these methods. It is clear, of course, that if the source model is more accurate, that is, has more independent variables, the diagnostic performance is better. But when comparing ECG and MCG, the comparison is relevant only if their complexity is similar (10). 398 BIOMAGNETISM x z y (a) x z 100 mm 170 mm y 70 mm 140 mm 170 mm 30 mm (b) Figure 4.

Copyright # 1999 John Wiley & Sons, Inc. ) Therefore, Eq. (1) reduces to Poisson’s equation: ∇ · Ji = ∇ · σ∇ + ∇ · J = σ ∇2 (3) The solution of Eq. (3) for the scalar function ␴⌽ for a region that is uniform and infinite in extent (3) is =− 4πσ V 1 ∇ · J i dv r (4) Because a source element Ϫٌ и J i dv in Eq. (4) behaves like a point source in that it sets up a field that varies as 1/r, the expression Ϫٌ и J i is defined as a flow source density IF. Because we seek the solution for field points outside the region occupied by the volume source, Eq.

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05.Biomedical Engineering by John G. Webster (Editor)

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