Dorling Kindersley's 15-minute Italian : learn Italian in just 15 minutes a day PDF

By Dorling Kindersley

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Parla italiano? in exactly quarter-hour an afternoon you could converse and comprehend Italian with self assurance, with this progressive new approach for studying a language. the original visible technique makes studying speedy, effortless and enjoyable. No writing or homework - simply use the canopy to conceal the solutions and try your self as you study. Real-life examples conceal each vacation and enterprise scenario. Accompanying CD may help you excellent your pronunciation. even if ranging from scratch or simply short of a refresher, there's no more straightforward method to examine Italian - quickly.

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Sì, là c’è l’ascensore. see, lah chay lashaynsoray Yes, there’s an elevator over there. Grazie. Vorrei quattro biglietti. Ecco a Lei. La guida è gratuita. gratseeay. vorray kwattroh beellyetTee ekkoh ah lay. lah gweedah ay gratweetah Thank you. I’d like four admission tickets. Here you are. The guidebook is free. 14–15) What’s the Italian for “ticket”? 40–1) All’aeroporto At the airport Although the airport environment is largely universal, it is sometimes useful to be able to understand key words and phrases in Italian.

Sempray dreettoh Per andare alla piscina? How do I get to the swimming pool? per andaray allah peesheenah La prima a sinistra. lah tsonah pedonalay First left. lah preemah ah seeneestrah La seconda a destra. la zona pedonale pedestrian zone Alla piazza giri a sinistra. Second right. lah sekondah ah destrah allah peeatsah jeeree ah seeneestrah At the square, turn left. 3 In conversation C’è un ristorante in città? Sì, vicino alla stazione. E per andare alla stazione? chay oon reestorantay een cheettah see, veecheenoh allah statseeonay ay per andaray allah statseeonay Is there a restaurant in town?

It usually consists of a choice of coffee or tea, pastries and/or bread with jam and butter, cereal, and juice. Non c’è problema. Per quante notti? non chay problemah. per kwantay nottee No problem. How many nights? Per tre notti. per tray nottee Benissimo. Ecco a Lei la chiave. For three nights. beneesseemoh. ekkoh ah lay lah keeavay Very good. Here’s the key. ” and “There isn’t…”? ” mean? 48–9) In albergo In the hotel Although the larger hotels almost always have private bathrooms, there are still some pensioni where you will have to share the facilities.

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