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By Ian Tattersall, Rob DeSalle

An exceptional bottle of wine should be the spark that evokes a brainstorming consultation. Such was once the case for Ian Tattersall and Rob DeSalle, scientists who often collaborate on ebook and museum exhibition initiatives. while the dialog grew to become to wine one night, it virtually unavoidably led the two—one a palaeoanthropologist, the opposite a molecular biologist—to start exploring the numerous intersections among technology and wine. This booklet provides their attention-grabbing, freewheeling solutions to the query “What can technology let us know approximately wine?” And vice versa.
Conversational and obtainable to every body, this colorfully illustrated e-book embraces virtually each that you can think of sector of the sciences, from microbiology and ecology (for an knowing of what creates this complicated beverage) to body structure and neurobiology (for perception into the results of wine at the brain and body). The authors draw on physics, chemistry, biochemistry, evolution, and climatology, and so they extend the dialogue to incorporate insights from anthropology, primatology, entomology, Neolithic archaeology, or even classical background. The ensuing quantity is indispensible for someone who needs to understand wine to its fullest.

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