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By Masao Abe

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"This publication is ready the critical principles of an important Buddhist spokesman in jap background and is written by means of probably the most revered and authoritative of his interpreters. It displays a life of a professional and concerted pondering Dogen." -- Francis H. cook dinner, college of California, Riverside

"It is a really remarkable contribution to Dogen scholarship in addition to East-West comparative philosophy through some of the most extraordinary smooth eastern thinkers of our time. This makes for a strong and actually illuminating volume." -- Steve Odin, college of Hawaii

This whole translation of Masao Abe's essays on Dogen probes the center of the Zen master's philosophy and faith. This paintings analyzes Dogen's formative doubt in regards to the inspiration of unique awakening because the foundation for his special approach to nonduality within the doctrines of the oneness of perform and attainment, the cohesion of beings and Buddha-nature, the simultaneity of time and eternity, and the id of existence and loss of life. Abe additionally bargains insightful, severe comparisons of Dogen and diverse Buddhist and Western thinkers, specially Shinran and Heidegger.

"This is a crystal-clear dealing with of super tricky subject material. The analyses are refined and whilst lucid. the writer has a profound and really good realizing of Dogen and Shinran and is additionally well-grounded in Western philosophy and religion." -- Joan Stambaugh, Hunter university

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And when body-mind are cast off, the world and history are also cast off. " Further, "body-mind casting off" is not something negative. It is immediately the cast-off body-mind, that is, the awakened bodymind that is freed from self-attachment and ready to save others. In the same way, the casting off of the world and history, which takes place at the same time as the casting off of body-mind, is not something negative. " Such are the implications of the notion of the oneness of means and end when that notion is applied to the understanding of one's personality and its relationship to other persons and other things.

Since the horizontal process of prac tice Is beginningless and endless, any point of the process of practice is equally a point of intersection with the vertical line of attainment, which is infinitely deep. This means that attainment, as the ground, supports and embraces the whole process of practice, and that any point of practice points directly to original attainment. 2 In order to properly grasp this matter, however, it may be necessary to clarify the issue by dividing it into two aspects as follows: 1.

The rare state of a human" is, in Buddhism, highly regarded; one should be grateful to be born a human, for it is more difficult to be born a human than for a blind turtle to enter a hole in a log floating In an ocean. Unlike other creatures, a human is a "thinking animal," 4 a being endowed with the capability of carrying out the Dharma. Here one can see the Buddhist notion of humans' special position among all sentient beings. In this sense, Buddhism may be said to In1 anthropocentric as well.

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