Download PDF by Charles Dickens: A Tale of Two Cities (Study Edition)

By Charles Dickens

ISBN-10: 0486320901

ISBN-13: 9780486320908

Contains the unabridged textual content of Dicken's vintage novel plus a whole examine advisor that is helping readers achieve a radical figuring out of the work's content material and context. the excellent consultant comprises chapter-by-chapter summaries, factors and discussions of the plot, question-and-answer sections, writer biography, analytical paper themes, record of characters, bibliography, and extra.

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Suggesting b. signifying c. indicating d. all of the above 4. Which is NOT an antonym for surreptitiously? a. sneakily b. furtively c. openly d. qxd:JSB 6/15/08 5:33 PM Page 39 synonyms and antonyms 39 P R AC T I C E 2 : H OT S P OT Read the selection, and then answer the questions that follow. ” And it is a real hot spot. In fact, it holds the record for the highest temperature ever documented in the United States—134° F (57° C), recorded in July 1913! Death Valley also holds the record for the lowest point in the Western Hemisphere—a salty pool in Badwater, 282 feet (86 m) below sea level!

Coatings 10. A synonym for the word excessive is a. recessive. b. disproportionate. c. declined. d. meager. qxd:JSB 6/15/08 5:33 PM Page 41 synonyms and antonyms P R AC T I C E 3 : R E VO L U T I O N A R Y R E S O L U T I O N A Yo u n g C o l o n i s t ’s D e c i s i o n Read the poem, andthen answer the questions that follow. Patriot or Loyalist, which one will I be? My kin came here from England, but I’m a colonist, you see. We have resided here all of my life; we toil hard every day, So why should we pay levies to a monarch far away?

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