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Entry: Take one wrap on each brake line. Fly slow close to the stall limit. When you feel ready, you give full brake with both brakes and when the glider folds backwards, you slowly move the arms up a bit again. b. Maintenance: Now you have to balance the brake pressure. The glider shall look inflated but it shall not fly. It is almost impossible to the pilot to discover that the glider flies backwards if he/she does not have terrain close by to compare with. The more you let go, the prettier the glider will look, but the larger the possibility that the glider suddenly catches in, shoot in front and flies again.

Dangers: Spin: If you pull too much brake before the glider has built up enough speed in the entry you will have a SAT-like spin. After one rotation, it will move on into a normal spin. b. SATan’s spiral: If you pull the additional brake too late the glider will never get the right angle to enter a SAT, but it stabilizes somewhere in between a SAT and a spiral. In this situation it is not unusual to get a sink rate closer to 20 m/s. Calmly steer yourself out of the situation. c. Mc Twist: If you pull the brake all the way down without massive weight shift, you risk spinning the glider on the worst possible time and you will get into a mc Twist out of control.

It is strongly advised against a too swift progression, where you move on to more advanced manoeuvres before the basic manoeuvres are learned. New manoeuvres shall be practiced with a qualified instructor and the manoeuvres have to be executed over water with a rescue boat present and alert. 8. Aerobatic flying with paraglider There are certain specific demands to follow when it comes to a aerobatic paragliding competition in Norway: a) Demand on authorisation An application of authorisation has to be presented to the HP/NLF well in advance.

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