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Care should be take to ensure condensation along the ductwork won’t occur if the supply air is not heated until the VAV boxes. In colder climates, coil freeze-ups are another issue, particularly with rooftop equipment. Antifreeze, pumped coils and face and bypass coils are options that can be considered to protect the coils from freezing. Larger air handling systems will require a return fan to maintain proper building pressurization. For rooftop equipment, the return fan should be integral to the unit.

They also provide redundancy. An in depth study of each of the energy recovery systems is beyond the scope of this manual. However, two systems will be discussed as they have special merit for schools. Enthalpy Wheels Figure 27, Enthalpy Wheel WINTER WHEEL LOWERS EXHAUST AIR Wheels Are Coated DEW POINT ALLOWING MORE HEAT TRANSFER With A Desiccant BEFORE FROSTING Return Air Exhaust Air SUMMER WHEEL TRANSFERS ENOUGH Supply Air LATENT LOAD THAT MECH. COOLING NOT REQ'D Enthalpy wheels are coated with a desiccant that absorbs moisture in one air stream and releases it to another.

Figure 33, Parallel Flow Box Parallel flow systems provide constant temSupply Air perature, VAV when cooling and variable temperature, constant volume when heating. As the space load drops, the Space Temp supply air is reduced from Parallel Flow maximum flow to minimum flow. As the load drops further, the fan in the box is started, mixing warm return air with the minimum supply air volume. Reheat can be added if further heating is required. Heating Stage Induction Air Figure 34, Series Flow Box Series flow systems provide variable temperature, constant flow.

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