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Hayes, Old TestamentForm Criticism (San Antonio: Trinity University Press, 1974), pp. 103 ff. 36. Benjamin DeVries, "Le-Zurat ha-Halakhot bi-Tekufat ha-Tannaim," Sinai 56 (1965): 212 ff. 37. See Mekorot u-Mesorot on Eruvin32b, pp. Accordingto Halivni, the distinctionbetweenAlt's categoriesis, when appliedto the Talmud,a relativelyminor one. "38 Apodictic in this sense refersto any terse,categoricallyformulatedstatementthat stands by itself, or could standby itself, and that bearsno necessaryconnectionto any other statementin order to be understood.

9 Kaplan demonstratedthat the traditionalconceptionof Rav Ashi as editorof the Talmudis totallywithout foundation, since "thereis nothing to distinguishR. "10Kaplan'sconclusionwas independentlycorroboratedby AbrahamWeiss," and is now acceptedby the overwhelmingmajorityof modern scholars. If Rav Ashi did not edit the Talmud,however, then who did? Three major theories have been advancedin answer to this question. v. "Amora"; Zacharias Frankel, "Beitrage zu einer Einleitung in den Talmud," Monatsschrift fuer Geschichte und Wissenschaft des Judentums, 1861, pp.

7-45. 40. Kaplan, Redaction of the Babylonian Talmud, p. 147, noting that "word economy, brevity, and terseness are characteristic features of all Amoraic records," observed that "the peculiar form ... of all the recorded controversies between R. Aha and Rabina ... brief beyond laconicism, abrupt and obscure to the point of a riddle... is found in the records of the very first Amoraim .. , it is employed by every Amoraic generation, and is quite as much in vogue in the period of the last Amora, Rabina bar R.

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