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Referred to as the most effective writers at the American scene, Dreiser is usually known as one of many world's top worst writers, with claims that he's an impurist with not anything yet genius. This tale, informed in ugly aspect and with dependable realism, recounts the dilemmas and offerings of a "loser"; we watch him ascend to temptation, fall in transgression, and obtain his acceptable penance.

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Describe the role of Asa Griffiths in terms of the narrative. Is his effect on Clyde more or less significant than that of his wife? 10. How do films influence Clyde? 11. Does Clyde change during the long course of this novel? 12. How does the Reverend McMillan contribute to Clyde's death? 13. Discuss the east-west theme in An American Tragedy. 14. How does Hortense fail Clyde? How does Rita? Roberta? Sondra? 15. Analyze Dreiser's style. What are its strong and weak points? 16. With respect to probability, how does Dreiser establish the likelihood of events occurring which would be most unlikely in ordinary life?

His dream-love remains an unrealized ideal. After the verdict, Clyde visualizes the ghostly electric chair looming ever closer. Chapters 27-34 This section documents Clyde's confinement in the state penitentiary and his execution. com newspaper articles and public appearances, Elvira Griffiths fights for appeal money. Meanwhile, Asa becomes ill in Denver; in a burst of sympathy, Clyde's lawyers advise Elvira to return home while they appeal Clyde's case. From Denver, Elvira pleads with the Reverend Duncan McMillan to save Clyde's soul.

Lucid sketch of life and work. GERBER, PHILLIP L. Theodore Dreiser. , 1964. Twayne's United States Authors Series, 52. Crisp overview of Dreiser's career and works. KAZIN, ALFRED, AND CHARLES SHAPIRO, eds. The Stature of Theodore Dreiser. Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 1955. Collects best Dreiser criticism between 1900 and 1955. LEHAN, RICHARD. Theodore Dreiser, His World and His Novels. Carbondale: Southern Illinois University Press, 1969. Integrates Dreiser's art and life. O. Theodore Dreiser.

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