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By William Morton Wheeler

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I can't suggest any common textual content approximately ants as an alternative for Wheeler's 1910 vintage "Ants - Their constitution, improvement and behavior." real, there are Wilson's "Social bugs" and Hölldobler and Wilson's "Ants," yet Wheeler remains to be the vintage in English. the unique 1910 quantity used to be reprinted in 1926 and 1960. fortunately for us, The Biodiversity history Library has permission from Columbia college Press to distribute a unfastened digital replica on the web. different mrymecological works, in truth such a lot, by means of Wheeler can be found from antbase. Get your self a hand lens and 2 forceps. Ants are the place it truly is at.

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4. Imitation and Cooperation. Aliens. 5. III. Docility. The Nature of Memory in Ants 531) xxv TABLE OF CONTEXTS. PAGE 7 IV . Observations Supposed to Indicate the Existence of Reasoning in Ants V. Conclusion. The 540 Relations of Plastic to Instinctive Behavior 543 APPENDICES. A. Methods of Collecting, Mounting and Studying Ants B. Key C. A to the Subfamilies, 545 Genera and Subgenera of the North American Formicidse, for the Identification of North American Ants List of Described the Workers 557 561 D.

Inferior. In all these respects the other social insects are decidedly the colonies of the wasps and bumblebees of Not only are rather rare occurrence, but they are merely annual growths. The honey- bees, too, are very short-lived, the workers living only a few weeks or months, the queens but a few years. The termites, though perhaps longer-lived than the bees and wasps, are practically confined to very definite localities in the tropics. Only a few of the species have been able to extend their range into temperate regions.

The pedicel consists of the second abdominal segment, or of this and the third segment, while the remaining seven or eight form the gaster. The Integument. The chitinous investment, or integument varies greatly in thickness in the different species of ants, being very hard and brittle in many of the more primitive groups (Ponerinaa, Myrmicinse, Dolichoderus, Pol\rhachis) and thinner and more pliable in the more recently developed forms (most Dolichoclerime and Camponotinae). The microscopic character of the integument is of considerable importance to the taxonomist, especially in the more delicate discrimination of geographical subspecies and varieties and may be considered under These all the captions of sculpture, pilosity, pubescence and color.

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